VR Solutions for Marketing and Advertising

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VR Solutions for Marketing and AdvertisingVR Solutions for Marketing and Advertising

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Advisory and Consulting Advisory and Consulting
A good outset is half the way. We can help you compose a concept, create a solution architecture, and determine the guiding principles so that the project can reach the delivery stage running smoothly.
Hardware Management Hardware Management
OTR helps you procure, configure, and integrate the right VR hardware setup. We can build a custom simulator for special tasks, such as test drives or exhibition presentations.
Full-cycle VR App Development Full-cycle VR App Development
Our experts can guide your project development through all stages of a successful pipeline from establishing a project scope to deployment and delivery.
Creative Content Creation Creative Content Creation
We ensure full-presence and immersiveness of your solution with custom content: 360-degree images and videos, interactive objects, 3D animation, high poly models, spatial sound, etc.

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VR Solutions for Marketing and Advertising

Virtual Tours Virtual Tours
Let investors and clients walk through facilities and locations in VR even before they exist. Top-grade 3D models created from scratch will make their journey immersive.
Interactive 3D models Interactive 3D models
Approach OTR experts to create an accurate 3D reflection of real-life objects. We will make it completely interactive so that your clients could explore it from all sides: zoom, rotate, move, animate, and see at any angle.
VR Presentations and Demo VR Presentations and Demo
Translate your message into a VR showcase, providing immersiveness and creating a “participation effect”. The pitch provided can be accessible on any platform, be it a standalone or PC-powered device.
3D Catalogues and Virtual Showrooms 3D Catalogues and Virtual Showrooms
Build a directory and display in-stock items as detailed 3D objects. Your clients will be able to examine and buy products from anywhere: at homes, exhibitions, trade shows, etc.
VR Staging and Customization VR Staging and Customization
Transfer your products into the VR environment and let clients modify them the way they wish: customize colors and materials, add optional features.
VR Test Drives and Try-ons VR Test Drives and Try-ons
Build custom simulators to give clients a feeling of a new vehicle in a secure environment and provide an immersive first-hand experience of your product.

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Benefits of VR Marketing Solutions

Where to Use Them?

Investor Presentations Investor Presentations
Investors can be inspired by a complete 3D reflection of your product before it is ready to go. VR displays the large scale of a concept in detail, which contributes a lot to the audience’s decision.
Exhibitions Exhibitions
There is no need to bring a complete stand or physical equipment when a VR headset can be enough. Your idea can be transferred to VR, providing additional interactivity with fewer costs compared to the real-life presentation.
Product Promotion Product Promotion
VR helps benefit a lot from visualization, making clients’ experience immersive and memorable. Displaying a product in 3D will help you place the brand image closer to the clients’ eyes.
Facilitate the buying decision Facilitate the buying decision
VR brings a new way for customers to connect with a brand. It increases engagement and, relatedly, the probability of choosing your product over the competitors’ ones.

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