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VR Game DevelopmentVR Game Development Services

Service Offering

Full-Cycle VR Game Development Full-Cycle VR Game Development
Let us guide you through the entire game development journey, from design to post-release support. We deliver real bestsellers with the right performance-to-graphics ratios.
Game MVP Game MVP
Prepare to win investors over with proven success by the minimum viable product or engaging demos. Perfect even when you are limited on time and budget.
Game Art & Animation Game Art & Animation
Attract players & keep them returning with immersive digital art. Our CG teams custom-create everything from UI assets & 2D graphics to 3D photorealistic characters & environments.
Integration Integration
Power numerous device & payment choices to extend your outreach & get your VR game monetization-ready. Our engineers integrate your app seamlessly with any internal & external systems or hardware.
Game Porting Game Porting
Port your games with ease across over 22 platforms: from mobile, PC, console, & web to virtual reality — there are plenty of choices to go around.
Multiplayer Game Development Multiplayer Game Development
Connect multiple users & let them interact, compete, and collaborate on a large scale. Our solutions rely on scalable networking architecture & server topology that enable massive multiplayer gaming.

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VR Games We Develop

We deliver experiences for the broadest audiences & device ranges
VR Action Games VR Action Games
Perfect way to immerse into the world full of energy and adrenaline. Excellent 3D environment experience.
VR FPS Games VR FPS Games
Authentic competitive games for Virtual Reality. The most realistic option for those who love shooter games.
Adventure Games Adventure Games
An ideal option for adventure lovers. Play in any location or setting, no matter how exotic. Customized scenarios.
VR Arcade Games VR Arcade Games
Revolutionized arcade game experience with VR arcade games. Good old arcade games reinvented.
VR Sports Games VR Sports Games
Just name the game. VR game dev allows making any sports game realistic and brings it right to your living room.
VR Racing Games VR Racing Games
Amazing experience of car driving. Feel a rush of adrenaline brought to you by our VR game development. Perfectly safe.
Simulation Games Simulation Games
Simulation games infused with even more exciting experience options. Extremely realistic. Breathtaking.
Puzzle VR Games Puzzle VR Games
No more boring puzzle solving with virtual reality puzzle games. Unreal VR development makes the experience utterly interactive.

Our VR Competences

OTR designs and develops innovative VR games with unlimited opportunities, designed for mobile, web, HMD, standalone simulators, game cubes, and arena experiences.

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