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VR EntertainmentVR Entertainment
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Leverage the benefits of remote entertainment amidst pandemic concerns. OTR’s VR solutions promote safety and well-being through social distancing with all our custom hardware delivered fully hygiene-ready.


Consulting and POC Consulting and POC
Prepare to take off with our launch & growth strategies that leverage your assets and services to help you capitalize on virtual reality entertainment & drive in new revenue streams.
HW management HW management
Rely on OTR’s engineering teams ready to assists you with selecting, purchasing, & creating the right hardware to match your goals & budget, from HMD & sensors to multifunctional simulators & arenas.
Creative Content Creation Creative Content Creation
Choose from a variety of VR content services, including UI/UX and 2D graphics design, high-detail 3D character and object modeling, motion capture animation, and post-production.
VR Apps and Games Development VR Apps and Games Development
From consulting & maintenance to support, we cover all stages of VR development. Our apps gather & process data from sensors, HMDs, cameras, & accelerometers for unbreakable immersion with minimum latency.
VR Porting VR Porting
Reach out to larger audiences to attract more revenue. Our experts convert your games & content from PC, console, mobile to virtual reality, all properly optimized for professional VR gear.
Support and Maintenance Support and Maintenance
Get full VR solution support anytime you need it. OTR offers VR apps upgrades, customization, hardware performance monitoring & maintenance, saving your team’s effort, and reducing downtime.

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VR Solutions for Entertainment

Location-Based VR and Theme Parks Location-Based VR and Theme Parks
Chose from the full-scope of VR services for LBE, powering new & existing venues with 3D games, simulators & platforms, VR cubes, arenas, & management systems.
VR Gaming VR Gaming
Get every VR game development stage covered with OTR. We create immersive player-winning experiences with top performance & gear compatibility.
VR Museums & Galleries VR Museums & Galleries
Let viewers walk your floors virtually from any corner of the globe. Our high-resolution 3D models, VR tours, and 360 videos bring artworks & stories to life & put them into context.
VR Theatre and Cinema VR Theatre and Cinema
Put your viewers in the center of the action with spectacular 3D films & broadcasts. OTR delivers everything from live 360 video streaming to fully immersive VR movie platforms.
VR Sports Events VR Sports Events
Let your users experience the thrill and rush of a sports game or a live event. Our VR streaming platforms make spectating more affordable and just as engaging.
VR Music Concerts VR Music Concerts
Discover a completely new way to experience music. Our VR streaming solutions for concerts let you host private or public shows & broadcast for a global audience.
Virtual Events and Conferences Virtual Events and Conferences
Engage your attendees in virtual reality to network & communicate remotely. Or rely on immersive apps that make navigation & collaboration easier during physical events.
Virtual Live TV Virtual Live TV
Build your own immersive Live TV hub with OTR’s VR solutions perfectly prepared for social viewing with customizable avatars, interactive objects & voice chats.

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