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We cover each stage of VR onboarding

Virtual Employee onboarding
Job-specific virtual onboarding

Help new hires to onboard quickly, providing a personalized experience based on their role and proficiency, ensuring your employees understand their new jobs and all related expectations.

We also strive to learn more about your company’s benefits to promote corporate culture & brand the way you intend.

Virtual Site Orientation
Virtual site orientation

Don’t stop with onboarding but go two steps further with contextual site exploring. Enhance virtual trips with interactivity & preliminary training to enable your hires better perform the tasks they struggle with the most.

Choose to add advanced features such as heat maps and interaction reports & receive helpful performance insights.

VR Production Tours
Understanding product in VR

Offer a deeper understanding of your products and services and engage your employees with virtual information on their features and production cycles to be instantly remembered.

Our teams explore every technological aspect to recreate it in an immersive environment & take your new hires faster through the learning curve.

VR Staff Meeting
Assimilation with remote teams

Build vital interpersonal relationships and information networks with new hires’ future teams and management & give the sense of corporate standards — both formal and informal

VR connection increases job satisfaction by building vital interpersonal relationships and information networks.

Advanced features we offer

Onboard new hires faster and more efficiently with VR

Our virtual employee onboarding services

Compliance, KYC, AML, Anti-Fraud VR onboarding programs
Together with your HR team, we build immersive onboarding programs that keep your new hires immersed and educated on your corporate culture & workflow.
Creative Content Creation Custom content creation
Based on your footage and videos, our 3d video teams create unparalleled virtual environments that let new employees learn about your teams and reflect your core principles.
Big data, AI, machine learning Full-stack VR/AR development
With decades of VR development experience at hand, our engineers craft virtual onboarding journeys reducing friction and cutting costs compared to traditional programs.
Hardware Management Hardware management
OTR provides you with professional advice on VR gear selection & purchase to make sure you get the right equipment that meets your goals and budget.

Maximize your onboarding process with virtual reality

Why VR onboarding is a better choice?

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