VR & AR Solutions for Real Estate

Showcase unbuilt environments with Immersive visualizations and VR Tours

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VR & AR Solutions for Real EstateVR & AR Solutions for Real Estate

Our VR & AR Services for Real Estate

Advisory and Consulting VR/AR Consulting
Make well-informed decisions on every stage of your immersive project. OTR offers comprehensive expert advice fully tailored to your goals and clients’ requirements.
Full-cycle VR App Development Full-Stack VR/AR Development
OTR delivers the full range of immersive solutions for gear, mobile & web, hand-crafted from plans and tech drawings, even for unbuilt properties with unmatched visual fidelity.
Custom Content Creation Custom Content Creation
Enhance property visits and construction operations with our custom 3D content ready for integration with 3D CAD & BIM systems.
Hardware Management Hardware Management
OTR helps you chose & purchase the right hardware to showcase your real estate with an edge, including HUDs, HMDs, sensors, trackers, & CAVE environments.

Solutions We Create

Virtual & augmented reality applications & 360 videos
VR Tours and Showcases
VR Tours and Showcases

Showcase even unbuilt properties in real-life scale with engaging VR tours of your clients’ future homes, ready to be explored with commercially available VR gear.

Or chose our custom-built 360 walkthroughs for the web, extending your outreach globally & letting buyers visit your properties without leaving their homes.

VR Architectural Visualization
VR Architectural Visualization

Transform drawings, sketches, and ideas into marketing-ready immersive 3D spaces to start marketing them before the construction begins.

We know that details matter. That’s why our VR visualizations precisely recreate your technical input, becoming a strong architect tool helping catch errors early.

Virtual Staging
Virtual Staging

Let your buyers customize properties with specific furniture and decor right inside your virtual tour, increasing engagement, and delivering highly personal experiences.

And our AR staging apps let your clients select wallpapers, textures & furnishings with a single tap by simply pointing their camera at their future apartment’s walls.

360° Video for Real Estate
360 Degree Video

Expand to a global audience with OTR’s 360 videos based on full-custom 3D models, environments, & animations, created with the fantastic definition.

Enhanced with sound effects & narration, our panoramic videos run on HUDs, HMDs, mobile, and web, and are easily sharable on listings & social media around the globe.

Guided Tours
Guided Tours

Provide your clients with a real-time view of their property and its surroundings using just their mobile device’s camera. Let your salesforce close more deals while spending less time, all in a covid-safe environment.

AR guided tours don’t require special gear and make navigation easy, letting you share easy-to-follow immersive instructions with your buyers and tenants.

Real Estate AR Brochure
Augmented Brochures

Add an extra dimension to your printed media, like brochures, catalogs, and leaflets, with unlimited interactive elements, videos, 3D models, and housing layouts.

Our AR apps give a more detailed view of the advertised properties & boost customer engagement with animated buttons, custom CTAs, and location-specific geotags.

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Benefits of Immersive Solutions for Real Estate

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