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Virtual & Augmented Reality for The MilitaryVirtual & Augmented Reality for The Military

Some of our military VR & AR solutions

Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR)
Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR)

Our tactical augmented reality solutions replace handheld GPS devices, decreasing loads carried, and improving data precision without averting their gaze to external displays.

All the critical data is based on digital maps or drone footage. It is then seamlessly displayed onto the soldier’s AR device/goggles, without consulting GPS displays.

  • AR spatial orientation
  • AR weapons targeting
  • Updating digital maps
Military vehicle, equipment & aircraft simulators
Military vehicle, equipment & aircraft simulators

Replicate dangerous situations and equipment failures without putting any real people or vehicles at risk. Our training simulators are based on the customer’s specific ground and airborne vehicles.

They are designed with real-world physics, adaptable field-of-view, and dynamic loads to replicate various systems and conditions.

  • Virtual desktop simulations
  • Variable generic VR simulators
  • Full-custom equipment-based VR simulators
Augmented maintenance and overhaul of equipment and weapons
Augmented maintenance and overhaul of equipment and weapons

Facilitate diagnostic and remove-and-replace activities with custom equipment overhaul and maintenance AR applications. The solutions run on commercially available or mil-grade devices, both in-network, and stand-alone modes. The applications rely on high-fidelity, high-precision models of systems, vehicles, HVAC, messaging systems and other equipment.

  • Virtual checklists
  • Live digital instructions
  • Augmented maintenance solutions
  • Virtual equipment manuals
  • AR wiring and piping layouts
Medical personnel and field hospital training
Medical personnel and field hospital training

Virtual training lets medical forces advance their organizational design protocols and maintain their medical and surgical skills. And our AR applications allow receiving advice from remotely located medical professionals and perform geographically scattered operations.

  • Hospital triage training
  • Hospital set-up training
  • AR protocols for trauma patients
  • Mass casualty training exercise
  • On-site medical aid
Augmented Surgery
Augmented Surgery

OTR’s augmented reality-assisted surgery solutions are efficient surgical tools overlaying digital images, patients’ vital signs, and information on a surgeon’s view of the operative field.They can provide surgeon teams with live telehealth consultations, AR-assisted training.

Based on MRI/CT feeds, our medical AR applications enhance fractured bone treatment, decrease invasiveness and facilitate treatment times.

  • Intraoperative navigation
  • Immersive virtual consultation
  • Vital characteristics display
  • Image-guided surgery
VR combat training
VR combat training

We simulate battlefield situations in VR to train commanders and staff of military formations and units in real terrain-based environments. The solutions vary from desktop simulations to mil-grade virtual arenas complete with the following equipment:

  • Mil-grade HMDs
  • Full-body haptic suits (simulate heat, cold, bullet impact etc.)
  • Wearable vests for batteries and computers, motion trackers
  • Haptic weapons (same size & weight as real weapons)
  • Instructors’ workstations

Our experts meet specific needs of military professionals and defense contractors

Our AR & VR services for defense

Consulting VR/AR consulting
We provide all-stage consulting services from deciding on the right type of immersive solution based on specific forces’ needs to precisely defining the project range and assisting customers with technical specs.
VR/AR development Full-stack VR/AR development
Our certified development team always selects the right technology stack, toolkits, management approach, and information protection level that suits the specific project, application, and customer.
Custom content creation Custom content creation
Our 3D renders and ambient sounds boost the immersion of defence training. And geo-specific dynamic modelling allows recreating location-specific landscapes for highly precise scenarios.
HW Management Hardware management
OTR provides hardware services from mil-grade VR/AR hardware advice & purchasing, to design & developing of full-custom hardware simulators based on a specific equipment type.

Benefits of immersive solutions for defense

Reduce costs for military training with VR & AR

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