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rpa telecommunicationsRobotic process automation for telecommunication

RPA Solutions for Telecoms

OTR implements RPA solutions for Telecom that channelize your company’s bandwidths towards more value-adding initiatives by automating a wide range of operations, including database management, customer service operations, purchase procedures, and IT infrastructure.

Facilitating daily operations and manual tasks, RPA helps telecom companies manage large, unstructured datasets. It helps to increase responsiveness to new technologies, including 5G & IoT, control cost, increase business agility, refocus talent, and introduce new service offerings.

Network Management Network Management
Evaluate security practices, enforce compliance standards, & improve fault findings. RPA helps to automate telecom data processing reducing the diagnostics and bandwidth reconfiguration times.
  • Dynamic bandwidth reconfiguration
  • Network security checks,
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Fault diagnostics
  • Incident management
Customer Onboarding and Support Customer Care & Onboarding
Get more customers on board and improve retention with trusted RPA solutions. Achieve excellence in delivering fast, secure, professional, and personalized experiences to every client.
  • Account opening
  • Renewals & cancellations
  • Account info updates
  • Subscription upgrades
  • Payment status & processing
Sales Management Sales Management
Step up to the challenge of countless new connections, increased with IoT & 5G, upgrading your end-user interface's frontline, improving the data gathering processes, & servicing workflows.
  • Client acquisition
  • Subscriber billing
  • Personalized promotions
  • Number portability
  • Sales order processing
Data Management Data Management
Robotize key networks data management and subscribers info processing such as data entry, validation, and reconciliation to improve quality delivery & competitive edge.
  • Data mining
  • Data validation
  • Legacy system data migration
  • Data testing
  • External data aggregation
Finance & Accounting Finance
Employ a robotic workforce to collect and interpret payment data for regular procedures or use intelligent automation to deal with non-standard documents and unstructured information.
  • Manual journal entries
  • Tax master data management
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • External reporting
Customer Support & Call Center Customer Support & Call Center
Make customer support available 24/7/365 with OTR's upscale Telecom RPA solutions. Our robots make zero mistakes and are happy to work after hours whenever you need them.
  • Problem resolution
  • Bill validation
  • Account validation
  • Returns & trade-ins
  • Applying credit/discount

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RPA Plalforms We Implement for Telecommunications

OTR chooses the right automation platforms and toolkits for your specific application, business strategy, and at the best cost.

On-premise On-premise
All information is stored at your local servers, with no data accessed outside premises ensuring the most relevant security measures and privacy protection.
Cloud-Based Cloud-Based
Solutions are managed within protected private clouds enabling scalable, expandable, and almost perfectly flexible services.

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What You Get With RPA

Looking for new ways of securing your current position or embark on the road to further advancements? Robotic Process Automation helps with battling the fierce competition, workflow disorders, and inaccurate reporting.
Policyholder Servicing
Solid data protection
RPA works round the clock to keep all information safe with no interference from any unauthorized services.
Enhanced customer support
Enhanced customer support
Robots operate at the forefront of your customer service, delivering fast & precise resolutions, offering services, & resolving standard issues.
Lowering costs with zero-error rates
Lowering costs with zero-error rates
RPA empowers error-free processing of policy offerings and payment backlogs with confirmed 1.5x savings in processes' cost and timing.
Sales Management
Better operational efficiency
RPA and intelligent automation manage multiple claims and unstructured data sets at once, with zero wait-time with no extra hirings required.

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