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RPA InsuranceRobotic process automation in insurance

OTR implements RPA solutions that allow for handling ever-growing volumes of daily processes, including new subscribers’ applications and policyholder servicing.

Beyond improving workforce efficiency and cost savings, robots can be seamlessly integrated with insurance carrier software, ERPs, and CRMs, automating an array of time-consuming backend processes and extending the value and lifetime of legacy systems.

Underwriting Underwriting
Run account info and danger probability checks in minutes. By collecting and comparing data instantly & against multiple sources, RPA reduces timing, pricing, and prevents fraud.
  • Data entry & aggregation
  • External data sourcing
  • Risk assessment
  • Pricing
  • Fraud detection
Compliance, KYC, AML, Anti-Fraud Claims Management
RPA speeds up every step of claims management from lightning-fast extraction of data from forms to their verification, rare error finding, account checks fraud score calculation & payment validation.
  • First notice of loss & intake
  • Adjuster assignment & triage
  • Investigation & adjudication
  • Subrogation
  • Payment processing
Policyholder Servicing Policyholder Servicing
Get more customers on board and improve retention with trusted RPA solutions. Achieve excellence in delivering fast, secure, professional, and personalized experiences to every client.
  • Policy issuance
  • Renewals & cancellations
  • Policyholder info updates
  • Policyholder billing
  • Payment status & processing
Interaction Agency Management
Let your network expand with no limits by automating the agents' network management, from onboarding new agents to calculating remuneration & generating performance reports.
  • New agent setup
  • Agent licensing
  • Agent compensation
  • Agency performance
  • Agency reporting
Data Management & Reporting Data Management
Robotize network data gathering, validity checks, report generation, and migration, with RPA solutions, seamlessly integrated with an unlimited variety of systems and interfaces.
  • Data mining
  • Data validation
  • Legacy system
  • Data migration
  • Compliance & internal audit
Finance & Accounting Finance
Employ a robotic workforce to collect and interpret F&A data for regular procedures or use intelligent automation to deal with non-standard documents and unstructured information.
  • Journal entries
  • Tax data management
  • Invoice processing
  • Accounts receivable
  • Management & external reporting

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RPA Platforms We Implement

OTR relies on the most suitable and proven automation tools and platforms that form the perfect match to our customers’ requirements and budget.

On-premise On-premise
No information leaves corporate servers, ensuring full data integrity, security & privacy control
Cloud-Based Cloud-Based
Auto-scaled, easily controlled solutions, deployed on multiple machines, and managed from anywhere.

Bring hours back to core business tasks with RPA

What You Get

Increased security & data safety
It's critical to ensure your subscribers’ private data will be kept safe. With RPA, all info can be processed at your internal server or proprietary cloud service.
Customer Onboarding and Support
Improved customer service
Robots become the frontline of your customer communications, answering questions, offering services, & resolving standard issues.
Reducing costs and room for mistake
RPA enables error-free processing of back-office operations and network performance info, with reported 25-50% cuts in processes' price and duration.
Faster processes & increased efficiency
Bots and automation solutions simultaneously manage multiple records and unstructured data sets, with zero-delay and no extra hiring costs.

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