RPA Services for Finance & Banking

Reduce process costs and compliance backlogs through automated data management and analytics

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Banking and Finance RPARPA in Finance & Banking

RPA Solutions for Finance & Banking

Streamline standard banking & financial operations by switching repetitive resource-intensive tasks from humans to bots. OTR’s experts and business analysts identify repetitive critical processes that can be performed by robotic automation, ensuring more efficient adherence to complex regulations, accelerating accounting, reporting & transaction processing.

RPA & smart automation help putting in place faster audit trails and reports with top performance and immaculate precision, fixing staffing issues, and cutting on expenses.

Data Management & Reporting Data Management & Reporting
Automate extensive datasets collection, validation, reporting, and migration, all handled within your secure server or cloud, and seamlessly integrated with the existing core infrastructure.
  • Data mining
  • Data validation
  • Legacy data migration
  • Compliance data testing
  • Internal audit data testing
Compliance, KYC, AML, Anti-Fraud Compliance, KYC, AML, Anti-Fraud
Go in-line with the latest regulations, monitor financial behaviors, and manage client portfolios with automated compliance tools & data checks against a wide array of external databases.
  • Know your customer (KYC)
  • Anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Transaction screening and alerts
  • Fraud detection & suspicious activity reports
  • Internal & regulatory reporting
Commercial & Retail Banking Commercial & Retail Banking
Facilitate decision making & improve client servicing workflows. Automating business-facing operations results in faster & precise service delivery, ensuring stellar customer experience.
  • Underwriting & loan approvals
  • Import/export payment
  • Servicing & reconciliation
  • Invoice discounting
  • Factoring processing
Credit Card Services Credit Card Services
Prepare for the ever-growing cardholders' number with no need to hire & train extra staff. RPA makes credit card issuing & servicing simple with operations processed within minutes.
  • Processing applications
  • Account limit re-assignment
  • Credit scoring
  • Marketing
  • Billing
Customer Onboarding and Support Customer Onboarding and Support
Take your customer support & onboarding to the next level with scalable self-learning chatbots and intelligent automation, available round the clock with greater agility and resilience.
  • Account setup
  • Customer data consolidation & updates
  • Account statements
  • Call center support
  • Complaint processing & resolution
Finance & Accounting Finance & Accounting
Employ a robotic workforce to collect and interpret F&A data for regular procedures or use intelligent automation to deal with non-standard documents and unstructured information.
  • GL reconciliations
  • Tax data management
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Management & external reporting

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RPA Platforms We Implement for Finance & Banking

We select only the best-fitting automation tools and platforms that form the perfect match to our customers’ needs and budget.

On-premise On-premise
Solutions never leave your servers, ensuring full data integrity, security, & privacy management.
Cloud-Based Cloud-Based
Auto-scaled, easily controlled solutions, deployed on multiple machines, and managed from anywhere.

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What You Get

Increased security & data safety
Increased security & data safety
It's critical to ensure your data will be kept safe. With RPA, all info can be processed at your internal server or proprietary cloud service.
Improving employee job satisfaction
Improving employee job satisfaction
Robots take over monotonous, repetitive tasks letting your talent concentrate on more creative and value-adding processes.
Lowering costs and error probability
Lowering costs and error probability
RPA empowers error-free processing of banking operations, with confirmed 25-50% savings in processes' cost and timing.
Better operational efficiency
Better operational efficiency
Bots manage multiple documents and unstructured data sets at once, with zero wait-time with no extra hirings required.

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