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rpa consulting and implementationRPA consulting & implementation

RPA Services

From licensed off-the-shelf bots & cross-platform migration to self-learning intelligent automation, OTR delivers end-to-end RPA solutions that detect, replicate, and repeat your daily operational patterns with no human involvement.

Our team fosters an individual approach for every project, uncovering business processes that can be robotized, automating them with zero-error precision, and running multi-tier tests ensuring optimal performance.

RPA Consulting RPA Consulting
Get repetitive processes identified, structured, and prepared for improvement. OTR’s experienced business analysts work with your team ensuring your project is RPA-ready.
  • Process and Platform Assessment
  • Business Case Preparation
  • Process Validations and Triage Services
  • SoP Creation
  • Automating Requirements’ Capture
Pilots and PoCs Pilots and PoCs
Be safeguarded against possible issues before you start. OTR begins automating big projects with smaller operations. Our pilots & PoCs guarantee that automation solutions work precisely as intended.
  • Proof of Concept Creation
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Automation Pilots
  • Roadmap Creation
  • Automating CoE Setup
RPA Implementation RPA Implementation
Get your processes automated with ease by certified RPA developers. We hand-pick suitable bots & intelligent solutions, fine-tune them for specific applications, and train your team to manage them efficiently.
  • Establishing Centers of Excellence
  • Implementing intelligent automation
  • Seamless integration (ERP, CRM & more)
  • RPA configuration and tests
Infrastructure & Automation Support Infrastructure & Automation Support
Receive extensive assistance anytime you need it on your automation journey with OTR’s multi-tier support packages. With our bespoke service, on-time upgrades & lightning fast fixes, you are always sure your solutions run smoothly.
  • Bot Maintenance
  • Onsite Monitoring
  • Regular Health Checks
  • Release Management
Chatbots Implementation Chatbots Implementation
Free your teams & agents for more challenging and creative tasks. OTR's chatbots step in place of customer support, onboarding and sales teams, answering inquiries, assisting with standard tasks, & capturing leads.
  • LiveChats for support, sales & HR
  • Self-service bots
  • Messaging & reporting bots
  • Integrated AI & NL processing
  • Intelligent stats and reports
RPA Platform Updates and Migration RPA Platform Updates and Migration
Keep your RPA solutions up to date and switch to the latest platform versions with ease. OTR’s experts prepare your automation ecosystems for fast migration, convert and migrate bots to perform their tasks in the updated environment.
  • Cross-platform migration
  • Migration to the latest platform versions
  • Deployment model transfer (Cloud migration)
  • Infrastructure setup

RPA Solutions We Deploy

OTR always chooses the most suitable automation platforms and tools that fit best our clients’ requirements and budget.

Self-managed solutions running on your servers with full data control & localized protection
Cloud Cloud
Easy to access, use, and scale. Seamlessly deployed from anywhere without disruption

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Primary Applications of Robotic Process Automation

What You Get

Reducing costs and error-rates
Reducing costs and error-rates
Bots perform repetitive, error-prone, and low-value tasks with near-perfect accuracy, eliminating human error and potential for outages and downtime.
Lightning-fast operational speed
Lightning-fast operational speed
Robotic process automation provides quick and easy access to data from multiple sources, merges it, and manipulates data sets across complex IT systems.
Increased capacity and scalability
Increased capacity and scalability
Unlike humans, robots are easily reconfigured when requirements change and can scale up and down, limited only by their machine capacity.
Refocusing highly skilled people
Refocusing highly skilled people
Robots overtake mind-numbing recurring tasks letting you target your money and talent at core business processes.

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