Virtual Reality

VR Presentation for the Residential Area under Construction

VR Residential Area


Our client is a large group of companies with real estate as the primary focus. Our client has a reputation for innovations and is known for implementing unique tech approaches, so they were looking for a cutting-edge solution in the industry.

During the development of their new project – a residential complex – our client came up with an idea. They decided to compose an advanced VR real estate solution to impress their prospective buyers and display the district under construction without traveling to the building site. The concept was to recreate the entire residential zone in the virtual environment and enable a full-fledged VR tour. Later on, we created a promo video inside the created environment that showcased the most relevant points for buyers, such as parking lots, green zones, and nearby stores.


VR Simulation of a Residential Area with a Virtual Tour and a Promo Video
Real Estate
Unity, C#
5 weeks (project development)
2 Unity Developers, 3D Designer, PM, QA

As the client requested, we created a highly detailed and interactive VR environment of their residential area. The main project features were:

Visualization of the to-be-built constructions
Precise client’s blueprints compliance
Large scale area
Real-world based surroundings
Terrain replication in VR based on existent photos
Realistic graphics and interactive objects
Full-scale facilities
Virtual walk-around tour
3D Modeling & Animation
Virtual staging
Integrated Video
VR environment based promo video.

After that, we created a promo video based on the VR area, which the client used for their marketing campaigns. It helped gain more interest among the target audience.

Development Approach

The client came to us with a general idea: they wanted to find a new way to present their apartments for sale and showcase the residential area. Given that, we proposed to recreate their project in VR and implement a virtual tour for better engagement. The client liked the idea, and we proceeded with a discovery stage, where we gathered all the business requirements for a solution to build and determined its core goals.

Our further step was the development stage. We took the client’s renders and blueprints and transformed them into low-poly models, using which we built an entire residential environment in Unity. Apart from the exterior, we designed the interior of standard apartments with customization options. That way the user could select the design and furniture, making the flat look like they wish. Thus the buyers saw the accommodation they could purchase and the nearby area. 

When the environment was ready, we proceeded with the VR guide. We helped the client select the right headset and decide over specific objects to make them interactive. The most complicated thing was the scale. The entire complex occupied over 120,000 square meters, but we managed to create full-scale buildings, surfaces, and objects over the area. Thus the buyers could examine particular zones of their choice in full detail that included apartments, nearby parks, playgrounds, and other facilities. 

After that, we started the promo video development. The client denoted the points of interest, which displayed the most significant areas of the complex. We took them as the checkpoints and created the video in Unity in a real-time environment. 


VR for residential area

The delivered solution boosted the client’s sales by over 70%. VR allowed the buyers to spend up to an hour in the virtual residential area, which created deeper emotional engagement and influenced buying decisions.

By the final stage of construction, the number of sold apartments overpassed 90% of all the flats. The client achieved that due to the VR advantages: their buyers could examine the area in full detail and purchase a soon-to-be apartment while the real-life project was in the construction stage. 

VR proved more useful compared to traditional marketing tools. The client decided to apply it for their future projects.

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