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The best way to learn something is to play it. The best way to remember something is to dive into it and experience it. Research confirms 80% better retention when trainees engage in learning environments instead of acting as passive onlookers, exploring, discovering, and entertaining themselves through interaction.

For these reasons, our customer contacted OTR VR Center to deliver a potent mixture of traditional learning with a spectacular VR gaming environment. The main goal was to add an extra dimension to their standard training techniques with a fresher approach to appeal to younger audiences.

The project’s critical point was to increase visitors’ awareness and interest in folk mythology and facilitate active learning transforming the traditional perception of educational content. The customer also provided our team with the basic outline of the game’s storyline and several basic requirements, such as memorability and interactivity.

Solution: Description and Key Capabilities

Interactive VR game about folk mythology
С#, Unity
Project Duration:
16 weeks (project development)
Project Team:
2 Unity developers, 2D illustrator and two 3D illustrators

With an extensive gaming portfolio behind us, we were perfectly ready for the ask. Our team created a unique and fascinating VR game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets. The game begins at a photorealistic abandoned mill near an old manor. Entering the mansion, players encounter versatile mythological characters and complete quests. The key features of the game are:

Interaction with items: you can find, pick-up, give, and store them. Some of the things are crucial for the gameplay
Interaction with characters: during the gameplay, you communicate with them, try to help the good ones, and avoid the bad ones
Real-life physics: a bush shakes when you touch it, you can fall into the pit or break items
Real-behaviour of NPCs: each one has their unique personality, behaviors, and speech
Photorealistic textures & colors: trees, water, grass, lights, shadows, birds, characters – everything looks almost real
Educational and exciting gameplay: the player learns about folk mythology and characters, interacts with them, discovers their stories, goals, and abilities
Avatars’ unexpected sensations: hazed vision, surprise, panic

The game takes players beyond the entertainment aspect. It allows them to go back in time and experience the storyline, encouraging learning in a simple, easy-to-digest way.

Development Approach

Our team guided the customer through the full-cycle of VR game development, from the initial concept to the ultimate immersive experience. Having analyzed the requirements, we continued with prototyping characters’ models and locations design.

We aimed at HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR headsets during the development to achieve the best visual experience. One of the most challenging parts of the work was to create realistic 3D scenes and interactive objects for Virtual Reality while maintaining the best possible performance. To achieve that, our C# and Unity developers joined their forces with the CG artists’ team, resulting in a scenic visual environment, zero-latency action, and realistic physics.

Agile development approach relying on consecutive delivery of every completed game stage allowed us to test, optimize, and improve the game on-the-go releasing the game within just 16 weeks.


Set up in the imaginary world, filled with unique visuals, sound effects, and adventure, the new game has become the center of gravity for the project’s guests. The number of visitors has increased by 40% and keeps growing.

Attractive for multi-age audiences with its superb graphics, precise controls, immersive surroundings, and interactive objects ensure that they acquire new knowledge and develop a higher awareness of traditional mythology.

The game has also boosted information retention. According to a post-game interview, the number of information users could recollect after a week has increased from 30% to 80%. Complete with its captivating storyline, realistic textures, high performance, and attractiveness, it has become a compelling experience and an outstanding landmark for the local folk mythology community.

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