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Virtual Staging of Unbuilt Standalone Homes for a Real Estate Developer

Industry: Real Estate
VR House Staging


Staged properties close quicker and at higher rates. According to the Real Estate Staging Association, 52% of buyers’ agents and 67% of sellers’ agents believe staging homes increases the dollar value buyers are willing to offer, accelerating the sales cycle by 87%. Traditional staging, however, can be a hassle for everybody involved, is costly, time-consuming, and is never an option for the property still under construction. 

Our client, a large real estate developer, required a virtual solution to showcase the unbuilt residential homes in a scenic area not far from the city. The construction hasn’t yet begun at that stage, meaning they only had floor blueprints and photos taken at the houses’ location to visualize the future properties.

They asked OTR to create a virtual solution for real estate complete with several staging provisions. We needed to design from scratch customizable interiors, exteriors, and the buildings’ surroundings.

Solution: Description and Key Capabilities

VR house tours with staging options
Real Estate
Unity, C#
Project Duration:
5 weeks (project development)
Project Team:
Project Manager, 2 3D modelers, Unity Developer, QA Specialist

Our team delivered a complete Virtual Reality staging package that contained houses’ visualization, several layout variants, surroundings, facilities, and interior designs. Among the most important capabilities, we needed to integrate the following:

First-hand interactive VR tour with customization features;
Full-custom 3D models for interior/exterior objects;
Realistic textures, lights, shadows, and reflections;
User-friendly selection menu operated with a hand controller;
Several interior layouts and design variants to be applied on the fly.

All of the above imitated the real-life property visit with no need to travel to the actual location. At the same time, the visitors could receive a more immersive experience as every individual tour could be customized to match their specific expectations.

Development Approach

Our team started with the elaboration phase — we created a requirements specification based on the initial architectural concept. As their main engine, the development team selected Unity, one of the most stable and robust immersive platforms available, and C# as the best fitting language for creating Unity applications. To ensure we meet the deadline, we relied on the Agile methodology. 

The development process included several stages. We started with building 3D models from scratch based on the architect’s blueprints and transformed area photos into a live immersive environment. The modelers created low-poly content to ensure flawless rendering models from two-eye viewpoints. We then imported everything to the VR development environment, integrated user interfaces, ran tests, and delivered the final application fit for consumer-level VR hardware. 

The engineers programmed one of the controllers to move around the building. The second controller was programmed to interact with the menu to choose from various options while inside the VR simulation.


VR property staging

The virtual staging helped our customer to translate their architectural concept into a ready-to-market product. Immersive, engaging, and entertaining, it became an impressive attraction for new clientele, offering a distinct competitive advantage over traditional tools.  

A visitor can move freely around the building and select its design variants on the fly. The two controllers tracked hand motion to select the required configuration. This way, the developer managed to deliver highly personalized experiences tailored to a specific client with custom furniture, floor layouts, and interior decorations. 

The solution became the perfect way of showcasing properties still under construction. Our client witnessed a 54% increase in sales compared to their previous advertising efforts.

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