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World of Strangers Dreams: Multiplayer LBVR Game

VR Game: World of Stranger Dreams


Our client, a company that develops versatile attractions and entertainment platforms, wanted to use a new way of entertainment (VR) to generate extra profit. They asked OTR to develop a multiplayer Virtual Reality Game, aimed at VR fans and modern technology entertainment enthusiasts.

The client was about to launch a new Location-Based VR Entertainment center, so the basic idea was to attract and engage new clients with the help of a new interactive Virtual Reality Game.

But the most interesting part is that they wanted to test the game on a local market, gather players’ feedback, and use this extremely valuable information for scaling and entering the international LBVR game market.


World of Strangers Dreams: Multiplayer VR-Game
Games, Entertainment
Unity, C#
40 weeks
4 Developers, 2 CG Artists, VR Experience Designer, Concept Artist, Sound Designer, VFX Artist, Lighting Artist, QA Engineer, Project Manager

The client request was exciting and challenging, so our team put a lot of effort into applying best practices and our immense expertise to implement something that remarkable. The end-result, World of Strangers Dreams, was a stellar virtual reality adventure for teams of 2 to 4. The gameplay is a dream journey that you take as part of a group of Dreams catchers. Together, you explore surreal landscapes and meet fantastic creatures.

Key features of the game:

Backpack computers allow free movement around the game within 50 sq.m. area
Players see each other at the same time as personalized avatars
Hand motions tracked with no wearable controllers (Leap Motion)
Scalable and upgrade-friendly solution: special provisions to add tactical and other sensations (wind, heat, etc.)
Entertaining and compelling gameplay to keep users engaged until the end of the game
Scenic locations with copious details and enhanced visual images depth

We made the game a perfect fit for the Location-based VR Entertainment center. The gameplay takes around 30 minutes to complete all adventures, an excellent match to the average session in LBVR centers.


Our team covered game development full-cycle, including general concept creation, CG design, sound engineering, programming, quality assurance, and integration. To deliver every stage well before the deadline, we relied on Agile methodology.

We picked Unity and C# for the development because of its speed and convenience of prototyping. The technologies allowed us to be responsive and flexible, take into account in-between feedback of the client, and easily handle integrations. The CG artists’ team focused on the creative component of the project during the development phase to make the game appealing.

With no detailed spec, there was practically nothing to limit our imagination. One of the most challenging parts of this project was the integration of hands tracking with Leap Motion technology. Our development team had to the extra mile to track hand motion with no controllers. We invented game concepts from scratch, designed levels and scenarios, all in constant collaboration with our client’s team. The entire delivery process took 40 weeks.


Carousel in World of Stranfer Dreams Game

The delivered VR game enhanced our partner’s LBE VR center with a new gaming setup. Rather than relying on bounding gameplay to more traditional hardware simulators, players could dwell in the imaginary worlds with a VR headset and physically move around the space.

We always run on thoroughly tested processes and the best available project management tools before going live. The client’s management, the game’s test players, was impressed by playing the World of Strangers Dreams. Their feedback was that the game significantly overpassed its alternatives available on the market.

During the test at the local LBVR center, the game proved an extraordinary interest rate among visitors. With 50% extra new visitors who came to play the World of Strangers Dreams solely, the company saw 1,7 times increase in the generated revenue, the game showed excellent results on the local market! At the moment, our customer is preparing to advertise globally.

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