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Location-Based City AR Quest

Location-Based City AR QuestAR Quest Game


A quest room & entertainment company looked for novel storytelling and engagement experiences to offer their players. They wanted to go beyond the location-based entertainment, creating an interactive city adventure for users to roam the streets, interact with objects & complete puzzles. The game concept was designed for multi-aged audiences, combining quest-game features with an edutainment experience.

Our partner decided to hire OTR to develop a full-fledged tracker-based AR application that would combine an engaging game scenario, including several search stages, numerous tasks, and compelling animated panoramic objects. The most challenging parts were the lack of a detail-specific script to follow and producing highly realistic dynamic 3D objects, hand-drawn from scratch.

Solution: Description and Key Capabilities

Augmented Reality Game
Unity Engine, Substance Painter, TopoGun
3 Weeks
Graphic Designer, 2 Unity Developers, QA Engineer

OTR has delivered every stage of the project from script to code. The game plays like a cross between a hidden object and a puzzle game. The AR app included the following features:

multiuser app, promoting social interaction
precise geotagging for quest points and objects
3D Models
custom animated interactive 3d models
simple, intuitive interface
geo-trackers triggered with no physical target

Development Approach

We split the development process into two stages, imagery & animation design and GPS tracking. We relied on the Unity engine to build the 3D models with dynamic shadows and reflections used as puzzle pieces. Then the graphics team edited them with Substance Painter to overlay them with custom-drawn textures. 

Our augmented reality expert team then moved straight to creating the AR module, responsible for GPS-tracking and object positioning in augmented reality. The geo-data was stitched with the graphic content to merge with the camera feed each time the mobile phone with the app faced a specific target point.

Finally, the ultimate tests ran on-site, ensuring every aspect of the gameplay worked just as intended. With QA complete and minor fixes performed, the solution became part of our client’s portfolio.


With its easy-to-use features and compatibility with most AR-ready smartphones, the city quest became an immediate appeal to multi-aged audiences. The game is a perfect fit for 4-6 persons’ playgroups. Teams or single players move around the 400m area, following the quest tasks they accept, aiming their mobile devices at highlighted points to uncover hidden hints and puzzle pieces that later combine into a single shape, making the pass to the next levels.

With its simplistic story, exceptional art, and challenging gameplay, the game has become a massive customer attraction, increasing the overall player count by 34% and improving our client’s revenue by 17% within a month.

Simple customization and multiple upgrade options make it easy to add new levels, objects, and locations, meaning the audience never gets bored and keeps discovering new adventures every time they visit.

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