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VR Installation for Human Rights Activists

Industry: Education
VR InstallationInstallation for Human rights activists


OTR was honored to develop a project for one of the United Nations lead agencies to support their initiative around one of the most urgent issues — domestic violence and its physical and mental consequences.

Our client was looking for an effective solution aimed at promoting gender equality and addressing the issue of physical and emotional consequences of domestic abuse. The agency also wanted to highlight the necessity to provide psychosocial assistance, medical treatment, and shelters to the survivors and promote the right of victims to live in violence-free communities.

To achieve that, they contacted OTR to develop a portable and immersive installation to raise awareness on the issue and engage more viewers in the discussion about domestic violence issues. At the same time, the client wanted to refrain from depicting scenes of abuse and violence that might’ve been found disturbing or inappropriate.


Mobile VR Installation
UN Representatives (Human Rights)
360º Video, Unity, C#
16 weeks (project development)
VR Experience Designer, Scriptwriter, VR Artist (2), CG Artist, Lightning Artist, Unity Developer, Sound Designer, QA Engineer

We decided on a VR installation room to achieve greater immersion and emphasize aspects that could induce the viewers to experience stronger emotional responses. For that reason, our solution possessed the following features:

Fully immersive presentation with high definition graphics and complete user control
3D art pieces created by our in-house team, reflecting the horrors of domestic violence
A way to experience scenes and simulated situations from the first-person view
The product was compact and easy to transport.

The solution ensured complete immersion perspective-taking to educate the viewers on domestic violence issues. The project could be defined as a workshop in virtual reality.

Development Approach

Our client provided a very detailed concept of the solution they would like to see along with a full set of technical requirements and artwork guidelines. Based on the given information, our scriptwriters and VR artists designed virtual rooms filled with characters and objects. That way, we achieved both the look and feel of a regular apartment, but with domestic violence incidents. We abandoned our usual photorealistic approach to make the content less shocking and disturbing and created volumetric conceptual paintings for every situation.

We chose Unity and its C# as the main technologies as it allowed us for faster and easier creation of interconnected 3D scenes. Another advantage was its fast iteration and flexibility, which was useful for brainstorming new artwork concepts.

The combination of the artwork-based approach with the immersion of the VR technology allowed the viewers to experience the virtual scene almost as if they were the target of domestic violence. That way they could understand the threats and feel empathy with the victims without causing long-lasting traumatizing effects.


The delivered solution possessed a strong educational value that highlighted severe issues associated with domestic violence, such as health, dignity, security, and autonomy accidents. Virtual reality simulation allowed the viewer to experience every situation by making them live it through as their personal experience.

OTR’s team created a graphical virtual environment with interactions between the objects and participants. All locations, objects, and characters were created by the hand of our VR artists. Thanks to the unique imagery style, we could comply with our partner’s restrictions on depicting violence while visualizing specific situations without aggressive behavior patterns. 

The solution was an easy-to-transport and easy-to-deploy installation, lightweight enough to fit into a regular car luggage boot. According to our partner’s feedback, the installation managed to fulfill all their goals by improving the awareness of domestic violence and understanding of its issues.

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