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AR Brochure App Boosting Sales in Real Estate

Industry: Real Estate
AR Brochure App Boosting Sales in Real EstateAR App for Real Estate


One of the leading local builders of residential properties looked for an innovative approach to showcase the upper-scale architecture and comfortable apartments as the perfect fit for their prospective buyers’ modern lifestyle. They aimed to connect to their clientele, highlighting the future residences’ winning points, improving the sales team’s communication and techniques, and creating a fun and interactive experience, all from the comfort of their own office. 

For these reasons, our client invited OTR to develop an AR brochure app that would give an entirely new dimension to their printed leaflets, ensuring intuitive, immersive interaction for the property buyers in real-time. The key features included an emulated building model, apartments’ interior, surrounding area and landscape, and several apartment design variants. OTR’s main goal was to deliver an exciting visual experience that would have allowed the users to get a clear picture of their future homes.

Solution: Description and Key Capabilities

Augmented Reality Application
Real Estate, Construction & Retail
Unity Engine, C#, Vuforia
9.5 Weeks (Project Development)
3D Designer, Developer

Our team tried to tackle two challenges at once: delivering a compelling marketing presentation to attract more buyers that would still remain technically precise. With all that said, our app was designed to feature the following key elements:

Image Capture
Imagery based on real-life footage and tech drawings
3D Models
HD Omnidirectional 3D models, fully controlled by the viewer
Scalable Model
Highly interactive scalable models
Easy-to-use intuitive interface
Compatibility with any mobile device and platform
Integrated Video
Seamlessly integrated CGI designs, animation, video, and narration

Browsing the brochure via the AR app, the prospective buyer would get a 360-degree view of the building, its facilities, and find the apartments’ information, just like on a real-life real estate tour.

Development Approach

With no specific requirements provided to us at that point, OTR started with drafting the technical specification to match their general concept. Having discussed the most important milestones and the entire roadmap confirmed, we moved straight to the implementation stage, with our team relying on Agile methodology to allow for rapid delivery and the focus on continuous improvement. 

We started with content generation, encompassing omnidirectional models, recreating interiors and exterior design, filming narration, and designing captions, all designed from scratch and fully customizable in case any last-minute edits were necessary. The final immersive panoramic visualization was then incorporated into the AR app, complete with an intuitive interface and fully compatible with any mobile device. 

Our design & development experts decided to select Vuforia/Unity as their technology stack as the most convenient way to develop an AR mobile application with 3D content to decrease prototyping time. We have a running history of successful Vuforia and Unity3D-based projects. When combined, they help deliver a powerful engine, allowing them to create 2D and 3D objects and simulations in an AR environment for Android and iOS platforms. 



OTR’s augmented reality app for real estate is a highly engaging immersive marketing tool, combining the power of property-specific 3D renderings, observable from any angle and viewer-controlled. A prospective buyer starts a virtual real estate tour with a panoramic property model towering straight from the 2D printed media by scanning their brochure with a smartphone or tab. The leaflet-tour gives that real-life feel and view of the décor, design, highlights of the residential area, delivering a more genuine representation of the visitors’ future space.

With its game-like vibe and personalized approach, the AR brochure app helped build far better engagement with potential clients, ensuring a distinct competitive edge against other market players. Used during presentations and customer meetings, it showed a rapid 26% growth in the number of signed contracts, with the number of generated sales increasing by 44% as compared to the previous month’s figures. More benefits included vast savings on travel costs, narrowing the list of potential properties viewings, and 81% more clients leaving positive post-meeting feedback.

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