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AR Development Services

AR Strategy & Consulting AR Strategy & Consulting
Based on detailed market research, revenue forecasts, and competition comparison, OTR’s business analysts translate your needs and ideas into specific requirements and product roadmaps to follow.
AR App Development AR App Development
Our augmented reality development team leverages markers, geotracking data, and SLAM inputs with camera feeds from any HUD or smartphone to deliver real-world enriching user interactions.
3D Modeling & Animation 3D Modeling & Animation
OTR’s CGI artists & designers go the extra mile to create realistic 3D objects, overlays & animations, 100% precise & interactive, following the design trends that matter to deliver experiences that last.
Migration & Integration Migration & Integration
OTR helps you switch cross platforms with ease, merging them with your choice software, like ERPs, PIMs, etc. Our integration processes allow for fast 3D model retrieval, precise processing, and full sync with any CRM.
Support & Maintenance Support & Maintenance
It’s only natural for your app’s metadata & 3D model databases to require changes & expansions over time. Our service teams make sure you get the most of your app, with constant updates to let it grow along with your business.
1 Team Augmentation
OTR’s award-winning engineering team is ready to shoulder the most complex challenges, adjusting to specific requirements, & letting your workforce concentrate their efforts on core business processes.

Our AR Competencies

Relying on the trusted toolkits, OTR’s experienced development team is ready to deliver multi-platform solutions that support various applications, from customer-centric activities to enterprise-grade products.

Types of AR Apps:
  • Marker-based AR
  • GPS-based AR
  • Projected AR
  • Markerless AR
  • Web AR

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How We Work with AR Solutions

Starting with your idea
We get your inquiry outlining your project idea or requirement.
Continuing with NDA
Signing the non-disclosure agreement we confirm that no info you share with us will be ever transferred to any third parties.
We run industry & product specific analysis to make sure we prepare the most suitable solution.
Defining Roadmap
Our team draws the final requirements, defines the milestones and creates the project’s roadmap.
3D Content Design
OTR’s designers & artists create interactive 3D models, charts & overlays, always visually appealing & technically precise.
Signing a Contract
We sign the contract to finally start developing your apps and content, always delivered on time.
Free Cost Estimation
100% free. You get a clear vision of what price to expect depending on the features you choose.
Selecting Equipment
OTR helps you to select the equipment and gear, perfect for your application and at the best cost.
Development Stage
Our development teams merge info, 3D content, geotracking and more to create easy-to-use apps for your choice platforms.
QA & Testing
We move on to quality assurance tests on various user groups to ensure flawless operation and sustainable results.
Field Test
OTR’s engineers deploy the solution in your production environment to validate its performance against the initial spec.
Project Complete
The solution is delivered and ready to harness the value of virtual reality beyond expectations.
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