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OTR Recognized as Clutch Global Leader

January 11, 2021

OTR delivers a full range of software development services focusing on AR/VR technology and we are happy to be recognized as Clutch Global Leader. OTR is a team of professionals made up of engineering experts who are ready to implement advanced-tech features to innovate your business and take you further to the future.

Sometimes, AR/VR are considered niche technologies, but for the last 10 years, AR/VR technologies have been trending upwards. Advanced models have gained popularity in the video game industry, but have also moved on to serve a more practical purpose in the world of medicine, construction, real estate, and education to name a few. AR/VR technology continues to rapidly evolve as more and more organizations begin to shift their operations into the digital landscape.

And so we are thrilled to announce that OTR has made it to Clutch’s list of top companies in 2020. Because of our clients’ tireless efforts to write their positive feedback on our Clutch page, we have become a global leader in tech development.

One of our clients, an electronics design house, gave us a 5-star review for the development of their AR app. This particular partnership was special as it gave us the opportunity to grow our portfolio and innovate our workflow. Here’s what they had to say about our engagement:

We pride ourselves in the service we provide our customers. Our customized solutions make sure they get what is specific to their business and their needs. We would like to thank them once again for helping us achieve this wonderful award. In a year filled with hardships, our clients have been our beacon of light.

We will continue to work harder to provide an excellent service to everyone. We can’t wait to show you what’s in store for 2021.

Are you ready to take advantage of AR/VR technology and integrate it into your business? Contact us now! And if you want to read the rest of the review, please go and visit our Clutch profile.

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