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How Do You Create a Successful VR Park?

August 28, 2020
VR Park

Launching a new VR venue has always been tricky. In today’s heavily regulated practices, it is critical for LBE centers’ owners to outperform against their standard commercial targets. It often means searching for the latest development in technology and content to deliver increasingly efficient and cost-effective patterns right away.

At OTR, we know this all very well. We’ve taken part in creating so many parks, action areas and escape rooms, that it eventually became irresistible to make one ourselves. With years of experiences in VR entertainment gear and content, we’ve managed to identify the key points to deliver a sensational, nearly 1000-play hours-per-day experience. Here, we dive into exploring the most critical features of the content-packed multi-use virtual-reality marvel. Have a look.

Choose the Right VR Park Theme & Venue Layout

Ironically, some of the VR venues owners overlook that “physical” aspect. When your audience spends most of their time within another reality, it might deem reasonable to save an extra buck on interior design, right? Well, first impressions matter. Attracted by that futuristic thrill of VR, your visitors might never make it to the cashier’s desk if they enter a grey, crowded cellar. In OTR’s venue, we’ve gone the extra mile to make the visitors feel they are inside the game right from the moment they walk through the door. 

Neon lights, shining streaming screens, and spaceship-like cashier’s desk drive positive anticipation and provide the perfect backdrop to create memories taking pictures for social media, giving you free extra publicity. Consider this when you hire your designer or get in touch with someone who’s already done this numerous times, just like OTR. The next step is to fill the creative space with attractions. 

VR Park Action

Care About Continuous Immersion & Multiplayer Experience

The first step with any location is to find the hook. In the world where multiplayer gaming has long become a must, shared immersion is the center of gravity for any VR facility. People attend with friends, family, and loved ones and want them to live through the same experiences and emotions together. 

It’s rather easy to play to their taste with several solutions, VR cubes and arenas to name a few. Complete with sensors, cameras and powerful computers, they permit tracking motion in 6 DoF, 3D, and real-time. Motion capture helps to synchronize the visitor’s sensations delivering a better quality of presence and improved immersion.

The problem is not many venues can afford it due to increased tracking costs. For example, purchasing one of the world’s most popular product lines, OptiTrack, adds hundreds of thousands dollars to the bill. The best way out is going with the new technologies entering the global market. I.e.OTR has developed, built and tested a novel cost-effective tracking system, now widely used in many products on offer, including the award-winning Epic Free Roam, the 10 by10 action-ready area ready to rock any adventure. The best thing about it is that it’s 100% wireless is fully compatible with any gear and suitable for any application. 

Adding multiplayer experiences described above means embracing change and shining the new light onto your VR Theme Park, going beyond the traditional VR simulators. This way  you include many kinds of experience, like riding, shooting, running, sporting, puzzle-solving and adventuring, becoming not just a teenager-paradise but an outstanding set to conduct corporate events.

VR Park Multiplayer

Keeping It Fresh & Updated

VR amusement parks are going through a difficult stage, doing their best to improve attendance in the new reality. On the bright side, VR is still relatively new. The competition is not as high compared to traditional venues even though the barrier to entry in VR entertainment gets lower. 

The traditional one-piece simulators may be a thing of the past. The future resided in the more sophisticated technology, easy to adjust to various tasks and applications. To survive the early days you need to create an immersive multi-function scalable venue, fit both for newbies and experienced VR veterans. 

The good news is that attractions are diverse and easily upgradable. New-gen virtual reality equipment like OTR’s proprietary VR platform open the doors into the world of dynamic action and real-life physics, delivering engaging experiences for your visitors to remember. And with content upgrades available with a single click means they will never get bored playing the latest creations by the world’s leading gaming names. 

Smart Management & Engaged Staff

Running a theme park means controlling a complex B2C environment, complete with online and onsite ticketing, tracking, monitoring, & reporting. Failure to adhere often leads to fundamental issues. Poor planning resulting in long wait times. Questionable staffing practices. Underwhelming performances. 

It takes around a year for a new venue owner to get everything under control, yet the failures are costly. However, with the automated management systems, going through this stage is fast and easy — the system puts everything together, from refills credits to generating reports. This way, you have a live dashboard of everything that happens in your park. You’ll know the pick time, popular attractions and games, and average visitor metrics from the first days. Add what they like and remove the unnecessary, attract even more players with highly personalized marketing campaigns. And you also save on marketing research, payment processing, and staffing. Our experience suggests that having 1-2 staff members for every six gaming stations is just right to ensure engagement and address all customer requests. Just make sure you concentrate on finding the very right team members capable of providing superb customer service.

Get the Cost Right

Understanding the immediate prospects is impossible without planning your expenditures firsthand. Making a target specific calculation means you know the amount of investment required at every stage and are prepared to cover for the most complicated initial launch. 

As with any other new venue,you’ll be dealing with 2 types of costs:

One Time Payments:Ongoing payments: 

Selecting VR Equipment
Buy VR equipment
Venue design
Venue renovation
Buying content and games

Rent & Utilities
Staff payroll
Gaming license fees

Getting your figures right is crucial for deciding ticket price, you need to consider:

– one-time and running costs of operation, cutting on these costs by employing professionals, 

 – count the approximate number of players per area, for example, OTR’s Epic Free roam allows 10 players to play in 100 sq m.

– marketing and discounts – don’t aim for immediate profits – offer discounts and first visit offers, your goal is to build the loyal community of active players and improve brand image.

VR Free Roam

Does that sound too complicated? Get help!

If the idea of outlining the location, buying the proper gear, obtaining the compelling content, establishing out the stations, setting up the headset and base stations, and hoping it all works is giving you shivers, don’t let that stop you. OTR’s turnkey VR LBE solution might be something you are looking for: 

Getting started on your own:Getting started with OTR:
Increased launch time as you need to run initial research;✚ Fast start as you skip most of the planning stage;
Insufficient info at the planning stage;✚ You get full access to years of expertise;
High risk of wrong gear selection;✚ OTR chooses the best suitable option;
Extra training costs & overstaffing risks;✚ Simple management solutions;
Lack of business automation;✚ Automated processes for daily tasks;
Decreased ROI;✚ Start earning from the launch;
Additional expenses and time spent on finding individual service providers (from designers & gear producers to management systems providers);✚ FREE proof of concept for the entire venue, based on our extensive experience, meaning you see your future facility’s prospects;
Unclear reports & analytics often resulting in a poor selection of marketing channels and techniques.✚ Our state-of-the-art reporting solution will keep you posted on the critical parameters so that you can promote the right things.

OTR is ready to share our expertise from the launch and through all the operation stages. We are there to investigate your location, select the best gear and layout, and develop the stellar design and excellent performance. And to prove it, we have the hands-on experience setting up our location with remarkable 960+ play hours daily.

Not ready to go with a complete VR venue or want to upgrade the existing one? Choose from an extensive range of our VR LBE creations and tested at OTR’s park, with more than 225 visitors coming in every day. Contact us today and get your hands on the magnetic uber-personalized VR attractions and management & ticketing systems to improve all stages to reduce the likelihood of issues while in action.

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