Augmented & Virtual Reality for Retail & Commerce

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Augmented & Virtual Reality for Retail & CommerceAugmented & Virtual Reality for Retail & Commerce

Some of our AR & VR solutions for retail

Accessible on phones, web, smartglasses, and headsets
Virtual Showrooms and Store Extension
Virtual Showrooms and Store Extension

Add a virtual extension to your brick-and-mortar shop or sales area, increasing the outreach and cutting the merchandising costs.

Showcase the most exclusive offering without the hassle of the traditional runway shows. Our virtual showrooms are efficiently integrated on your website and sharable on social media.

Virtual Stores
Virtual Stores

Continue operations even if your physical location is shut down due to the pandemic. Our 100% virtual spaces feel like real with interactive, multisensory experiences.

From small boutiques to multi-retailer malls, we are ready to recreate any sales area complete with 360-degree product displays available 365 x 24 x 7.

Fitting Rooms and Try-ons
Fitting Rooms and Try-ons

Let your buyers experience our VR try-before-you-buy solutions, delivering the excitement of trying new things, from car test drives to holiday destinations.

Or make these experiences even more available with our AR apps for mobile and web that let your customers test your furniture, apparel, or makeup even when they are continents away.

Product Customization
Product Customization

Bring to the scene multiple product configurations and options. OTR’s customizable virtual solutions allow switching among different variants adjusting to your buyers’ preferences as you go.

And our augmented customization allows overlaying a selection of product or design variants with a click or tap, creating moments specific to the audience viewing them.

Enhanced Catalogs and eCommerce
Enhanced Catalogs and eCommerce

Go beyond the limits of traditional 2D media. Our augmented catalogs, leaflets, and brochures deliver engaging, personalized 360-view experiences.

Our AR solutions are designed to work as mobile or web apps (no download required) and are seamlessly integrated with your checkout pages.

Immersive Marketing
Immersive Marketing

Reinvent your marketing campaigns with mobile AR experiences and promo games, adding another layer of excitement to your in-store interaction or enhancing your existing apps.

Or try our app-less WebAR solutions, accessible with a short link or a QR-code that are fun and easy-to-share on social media, supercharging your outreach.

Optional advanced features

Boost your sales with immersive experiences

Our retail experts are ready to answer any questions

Our AR & VR services for retail

Consulting Consulting
Make the best decision during the entire life cycle of your immersive project. OTR helps with expert consultation, matching your goals and customer preferences.
VR/AR development VR/AR development
OTR delivers the full range of immersive solutions for gear, mobile & web. We select the right platform and toolkit to match your specific requirements.
Custom content creation Custom content creation
Our photographed visuals are based on quality photos of your spaces and offers. And our custom-rendered 3D CGI recreates products and areas that don’t even exist.
Integration Integration
OTR makes sure our solutions work smoothly with any ERP, PIM, eCommerce system, or payment plugin you have in place with no error and zero downtime.

We cover every stage of your immersive sales projects

From initial consulting to software development & hardware and management

Benefits of immersive solutions

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