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We are a team of software development experts and one of the largest independent end-to-end IT companies with more than 20 years of cross-industry expertise, proud to be partners to upper-scale public sector agencies and leading players in the business sector.

We leverage years of international experience with our unique expertise, confirmed by the success of wide-ranging projects in IT consulting and integration, system and product engineering, and business process transformation.

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Company History

2000OTR Company Creation

Our parent company, an IT system integrator giant OTR, was founded, ever since then committed to delivering top-notch IT consulting & development services.

First VR Project

We launched our first full-scale VR project, the most challenging and complex solution, a military VR engineering simulator.

Stand-Alone VR/AR Team

Our successful start helped us grow fast. As the number of augmented and virtual reality projects gradually increased, OTR opened its own VR/AR department.

Minsk Office Founded

A standalone OTR VR R&D center with headquarters in Minsk, Belarus, was created. Its 25 middle-to-senior-level VR and AR specialists are ready to rock any immersive solution.

Expanding Our Expertise with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become our brand new focus fueling all our further advances in computer vision, virtual assistants, and smart chatbots with deep insight and fresh expertise.

First RPA Solution Delivered

OTR becomes an acknowledged RPA developer, its expertise proven by Automation Anywhere Golden Partner status, delivering an array of intelligent solutions from robotized EPMs to smart customer support.

Amazing Plans to Expand

As a highly experienced and successful VR/AR  company, shortly we plan to significantly expand our VR, AR, and RPA expertise in versatile domain areas.

Our Mission

We strive for perfection in every project and commit to building collaborative partner relations with our clients to ensure delivering stellar solutions with minimal business risks and maximum opportunity. We demonstrate integrity in every project, fostering trust in our partnerships.

OTR Value Proposition

Deep Expertise
Deep Expertise

More than 20 years of professional experience in software development allow us to craft top-quality solutions by adopting a custom approach and solving complex tasks of product development.

Taste for Innovation
Taste for Innovation

We know everything about digital transformation both in the state and private sectors, constantly improving to introduce new techs to evolve any industry. Name the challenge, and we will deliver the best solution.

Agile Approach
Agile Approach

With the Agile approach, we respond to any change in the project promptly as we readjust our workflow accordingly. All the development activities are divided into sprints and delivered one by one.

Free Consulting
Free Consulting

We offer free professional consulting and business analysis on the ideation stage for every project. We will go the extra mile to provide you with the feasibility study and potential benefits estimate for your business and industry.

Full-Cycle Development
Full-Cycle Development

We offer full-scale project development services from early-stage product ideation to production release. Rely on our knowledge and experience and let your business prosper.

Experienced  Development Team
Experienced Development Team

Partnering with us means you are partnering with the masters of skill: 70% of our engineering team are senior devs. We are experts in the classic stacks and are ready to take on any novel development technology.

Make Your Business Thrive on Change

We’re here to help you transform your business and provide it with unparalleled innovations. Contact us now to discuss how we can improve your business practices with immersive technologies.

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